Head in The Right Direction Counseling Services, P.C.

Adam Barta, LCSW-R

Cold Spring Healing Arts

Groups in Garrison

Head in The Right Direction Counseling Services was incorporated in 2008 as a community based model of service delivery. We researched available treatment services and locations available in the counties we serve. Most service locations had 9 - 5  business hours and old  or outdated physical locations.   We wanted an  ideal  environment  to call home.  We found it in the  Cold Spring Healing Arts Building . We also found an ideal location for groups in  Garrison.  We know that by providing flexibility in location, scheduling, and  up to date physical locations that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing, we are able create an atmosphere of trust and comfort that our clients value and appreciate

Over time...

We have been able to develop Head In The Right Direction Counseling Services to what it is today.  It serves as vehicle for positive change.  It is always  growing and changing to best meet the demands of a growing  and diverse community.  We serve the communities of the lower Hudson River Valley.  At this time our focus continues to be credentialing with insurance companies to be better able to serve all who may need our services.  In addition, we will be working to develop our forensic service offerings.  This will allow us to provide services to the courts and individuals in need in a more streamlined and effective manner.



Head In The Right Direction’s mission is to promote wellness by making behavioral health services more accessible for all individuals and families. We seek to assist individuals and families in reaching their full potential for living enriching and satisfying lives and gaining better understanding of their world through the interventions of qualified, competent therapists.


We are committed to take actions consistent with these values: We value the strengths and assets of our clients and their families and maintain that the individual is the center of the therapeutic relationship.  Their decisions guide the direction of therapy. We respect and observe the cultural and other diverse qualities of each client. We treat all individuals with respect, equality, courtesy, and fairness.