Head in The Right Direction Counseling Services, P.C.




Whatever the reason, you should know that you are not alone and there is help.  You will meet with a therapist, identify issues, develop a plan, and take action to make meaningful, lasting change.

Relationships take work.  Some require more effort to make work than others.  You will meet with a therapist together, identify what it is you are  both looking for, and collaborate to make it happen.

Anger issues got you in trouble?  Drinking or drug use out of control?  Groups are a great supplement to therapy.  They serve to normalize your experiences and solidify motivation to take necessary action.

Here to help

My name is  Adam Barta.  I incorporated Head in The Right Direction Counseling Services in 2008 because I felt there was a need to make access to therapy easier in my community .  This is my purpose and I enjoy the work. 

We provide community based Therapeutic Supervised visitation.  This allows visitation to progress from the office setting into more natural community settings.


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